SoundMAGIC E10C In Ear Isolating Earphones with Microphone

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SoundMAGIC E10C In Ear Isolating Earphones with Microphone
SoundMAGIC E10C In Ear Isolating Earphones with Microphone

The earbuds you get with any new phone aren’t of great quality. If you want to take you smartphone music listening to the next level then consider SoundMagic’s E10C earbuds they are the best pair of earbuds you can get for under £40. The SoundMagic’s E10C earbuds look good. The metal casing is tough and functional, and the cable is extra durable.  The slight twist in the cable will help prevent costly wire snaps at the expense of extra tangles.

Product Specifications

Sensitivity Headphone sensitivity is measured in dB. The lower the figure, the more powerful the driving amplifier needs to be. Headphones for use on portables need to be of higher sensitivity than home hi-fi ones. 100
Impedance Impedance is measured in ohms and should be matched carefully to the driving amplifier for the best sound quality and reliability. 46
Frequency Response Frequency response is measured in Hz and gives an indication of how low and how high the headphones will go. 15 – 22,000
Cable Length Length of cable supplied in metres. 1.2
Weight Weight of headphones in grammes, without packaging. 11
Plug size The size and type of plug fitted and whether an adaptor is supplied. 3.5mm is standard on most portable devices whilst home hi-fi usually accepts 6.35mm (quarter inch) size plugs. Angled 3.5mm
Closed back Closed back headphones block out more background noise than open back ones. They also leak less sound

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