Macaw T1000 In Ear Sport Earphones Earbuds

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Macaw T1000 In Ear Sport Earphones Earbuds
Macaw T1000 In Ear Sport Earphones Earbuds Bluetooth V4.1

Bluetooth wireless in ear earphones are becomingly increasingly popular, particularly with people who wish to listen to music while exercising.  People don't want cables tangling around their arms while they workout and as such there are now many different models from numerous manufacturers aimed at providing you with music without the wires.  Prices range from the expensive, £170 Beats Sports to the generic sub £20 mass market.  The Macaw's T1000 in ear wireless headphones are aimed at the price conscious end of the market so can they compete with the big boys such as beats and sennheiser in sound quality, comfort and ease of use?

The T1000’s conform to other standard wireless in ear models with a short cable that rests behind the head when in use and have a selection of specialised ear-tips that provide an extra-secure fit. And, like many gym-oriented earphones, the T1000’s delivers a rich deep low end that will make purist audiophiles shake their heads and bass-motivated exercise enthusiasts whoop with delight.

Product Specifications

Brand: macaw
Model: T1000
Transmission distance: 10m
Earpiece design: earbud(In-ear)
Standby time: 7 days
Bilateral stereo
Bluetooth Version: 4.1
Channel: 2


Macaw T1000 In-ear Earphone
3 paris of silicone eatips
Micro USB charging cable

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