Anki Overdrive Racing Game

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Anki Overdrive Racing Game
Anki Overdrive Starter Kit

As a child I loved slot car racers.  I vividly remember the awe and jealousy I felt when my next door neighbour and best friend got a TCR racing set for Christmas.  I know that dates me quite a bit but I have never really lost my fascination with slot car racing.  Anki have taken this retro gaming concept and given it a 21st Century overhaul with the Anki Overdrive.  You can only imagine the glee my inner 10 year old felt when I got my hands on this for testing.

Product Specifications

Take command of robotic Supercars Skull and Groundshock on one of 8 epic battlefields. Challenge friends in a variety of game modes, or, go head-to-head with AI-controlled Commanders in a quest to become champion of the anki Overdrive Tournament.

Right out of the box, 10 anki Overdrive track pieces allow you to build and rebuild up to 8 epic battlefields in seconds.

Every starter kit comes with Skull and Groundshock, robotic Supercars with their own unique weapon systems and the technology to intelligently think for themselves on the battlefield.

Skull’s Pirate Core lets it sail across the track at high speed while its plasma cannon rips through enemy hulls. Watch out for this down and dirty warrior that plays by its own rules.

GroundShock’s Thunderbolt Core lets it electrify the track with split-second maneuvering and lightning-fast attacks. Don’t be in the way when it unleashes its electric blasts. It shoots first and aims later.

Comes with a four-car charging platform, 2 riser pieces and 1 tyre cleaner.

  • For ages 8 years and over.

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