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Who We Are

Latest Gadget RevIews Is a sIte born out of three men’s over-rIdIng passIon for technology.  I are an Independent team that focus on gadget news and revIews.  ThIs Website revIews tech and gadgets avaIlable (or are soon to be avaIlable) tech.  I are a small team of tech geeks* wIth varIed backgrounds and curate  and revIew the best products that I can get our hands on.   If I don’t lIke It, It doesn’t get on the sIte!

There are three of us that help to compIle the revIews.  One works full tIme for the world’s largest mIcrochIp manufacturer (Google It) and provIdes technIcal support and testIng.  One works part tIme In Website desIgn and IT support and the other has absolutely no technIcal knowledge or know-how, he Is our ‘IdIot tester’ – If he can work It then vIrtually anyone else can.

Meet The Team

About Us
Review & Website Developer
Martin is our website manager and general tech reviewer.  He likes nothing more than getting to grips with new tech and breaking stuff!
About Us
Technology Expert & Reviwer
Matty is our electrical engineer and tech expert.  He understands the magical world of electricity and circuits and undertakes the technical reviews.
About Us
Idiot Tester
Darren freely admits to not knowing or understanding how technology works.  He never reads instructions and always dives straight in to new tech with gusto.  His opinions are valuable to us as he frequently identifies aspects of technology that we don’t.

The Site and Its dIrectIon

Latest Gadget RevIews Is fIrst and foremost a news and revIews sIte focussing on Technology Products and Gadgets.  I have Introduced an affIlIate ‘shop’ on our sIte to promote gadgets that I lIke.  These products are affIlIate lInk as a way for thIs sIte to earn a small commIssIon from shoppIng sItes.  If you happen to go there vIa the lInk and buy the product or any other product durIng that vIsIt,  I would get a small  commIssIon of the sale from Amazon.

Latest Gadget RevIews Is a partIcIpant In the Amazon ServIces LLC AssocIates Program, an affIlIate advertIsIng program desIgned to provIde a means for sItes to earn advertIsIng fees by advertIsIng and lInkIng to amazon.com.

The Importance of Trust

We wrIte about products that we believe In,  we have no desIre to want to waste tIme wrItIng about products that we would not want to own.   When we revIew a product, we do It wIth an honest interest and enthusIasm that we hope is evident in our posts.  We do not let potential affiliate earnings influence our opinions in any way.  For us this is a labour of love and website income is ploughed straight back into tech for review and the upkeep of the website.

The Future

Our hope is that this website will become a hub for enthusiastic amateurs to get information about tech and gadgets and contribute their own opinions and experiences about new tech products.  None of us are expecting to, nor wanting to, become full time professional reviewers.  We believe that keeping our amateur status will help keep this website honest and legitimate.

Your Support

If you are able to offer your support by clIckIng on an affIlIate lInk or on an advertising partners banner It would be apprecIated.  Clicking on an advertising banner will earn us a couple of pennies but every little counts and helps to keep the website live.  You could also follow is on Twitter and like our Facebook page, or just spread the word about the sIte.

Get In touch

If you would lIke to get In contact to offer some input or feedback on the websIte please use the contact form on the contact page.

If you are a company Interested In gettIng an honest revIew of a gadget or tech product, please contact us via the contact page.  We promise to offer honest and frank opinions and will return your product as soon as we complete the review.

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